Thursday, December 22, 2011

Amazingly fun night!

What a great night at Rum River Inn with my demonstrator friends. I love spending time around all of you. Your creativity, energy and kindness are so appreciated. We did a wonderful card exchange and I will post some of them later on here so you can all see the wonderful ideas.

Oh, I have to share my surprise in my stamp room tonight when I got home. I should have took pictures.

So, I go to the stamp room, open the door and here is a mess on the floor, re-inkers, stamp pad stands, plastic containers, broken glass ornaments, shelves???? What the heck I say, and then I look up and there's the culprit. My cabinet with my catalogs fell off the wall. I should have done something last week when I noticed the cabinet bowing in the middle. But no I didn't. Thank you God that none of the stamp pads or re-inkers didn't break open and stain my new carpet. It didn't take long to get it cleaned up with Sam and Eileen's help. The french cleat on the back of the cabinet let loose. I will need to get a new one made, hopefully my neighbor can make one for me. So I will need to do a little re-arranging and cleaning but am so glad that it wasn't worse.

Have a great night everyone.

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